Time to wake up

If a recent listing on online UK retailer ShopTo is anything to go by, an upgraded port of Sleeping Dogs may be on the way for PlayStation 4. The online store has the title touted to launch on 21st November this year, so if it is the real deal, we'll likely be hearing about it in the coming weeks. In truth, we think the open world epic is the quintessential candidate for the next-gen treatment, as it was criminally overlooked during its original run.

However, one incredibly suspicious element of this raucous rumour is the re-release's supposed name, which is listed on the website as Sleeping Dogs HD. It's highly likely that this is a mistake, since the original version released on the PlayStation 3, and was therefore already in high definition.

Originally, we had planned to end this article with a joke about letting sleeping dogs lie, but we've decided to spare you that fresh torture. In the meantime, let us know what you think of this new development. Would you be interested in retaking the streets of Hong Kong, or are happy to wait for the incoming sequel? Enter the dragon in the comments section below.

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