With the supposedly upcoming Final Fantasy XV starting to feel as fictional as the Loch Ness monster, it was hard to get excited about the announcement of Final Fantasy Type-0 for the PlayStation 4. Even with the news that the port has been in the works for some time, staff and readers alike were still taking bets on what year, let alone month, the title would actually see the light of day. However, if an accidental slip up is true, it could be much sooner than any of us expected.

Over on the Square Enix Twitter account, an advertisement that the title was available to pre-order along with a store link appeared. While the page was later pulled down, we doubt that it was merely the accidental slip of an overexcited intern trying to see what they could get away with during a World Cup game. While retailers sometimes mess up and list titles that still don't have a release window – we're looking at you The Last Guardian – such botch ups aren't common on a publisher's own shop. Of course, this doesn't mean that the game is necessarily ready to go right now, but it's doubtful that we'll be waiting years for the oft demanded adventure.

Do you think that we'll finally be tucking into this game imminently, or is it still too far out of reach? Write your letter to Santa in the comments section below.