Around the bend

For a system that’s selling extraordinarily well, the PlayStation 4 is seriously short on racing games. Sure, the ambitious Need for Speed: Rivals serves up a great time, but once you’ve drinked in all of Redview County’s fictional views, there’s not a lot left to do. DriveClub and The Crew are right around the corner, of course, but if you’re searching for an excuse to get greasy, know that MotoGP 14 is out right now in Europe.

The latest in Italian developer Milestone’s motorbike simulation series, this sequel strives for authenticity and photo realism. Utilising the power of the PlayStation 4, the studio has bumped up the release’s resolution, overhauled the motorbike and rider models, and even implemented a new lighting model, which enhances the overall appearance of the game. There have been improvements under the hood, too, with the artificial intelligence and physics engine significantly tweaked.

And that’s not all. In addition to the above gameplay and visual tuning, the company has also implemented two new modes: Real Events and Challenge the Champions. The former will allow you to relive moments from last year’s MotoGP season, while the latter will enable you to re-enact famous races from the sport’s prestigious past. Are you planning to saddle up with this two-wheeled titan? Rotate your handlebars in the comments section below.

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