Kiss the mic

No party is complete without a bit of disco light tomfoolery, and it seems that the upcoming PlayStation 4 release of SingStar will actually make use of the next-gen device’s colourful controllers. Our friends over at were recently treated to a demo of the upcoming karaoke title, and noted that the game will track the DualShock 4’s illuminated panel, allowing you to add various lighting effects to the action as you play.

Naturally, you’ll need a PlayStation Eye camera to take advantage of this feature, but there are other advantages to using the imaging peripheral. For example, you’ll be able to use the device’s augmented reality tools to layer masks over your face. Naturally, this should help you to maintain your anonymity when you opt to murder Kylie Minogue songs on the Live from PlayStation application.

For those that missed the original announcement, the game will allow you to use your smartphone as a microphone, so this is definitely shaping up to be quite a feature rich release. It’ll be deployed as both a free-to-play digital download and a physical package in Europe, with thousands of tracks available to purchase from the SingStar Store. Anyone fancy teaming up for Kids? Yeah, that’s probably for the best.