We originally had this little feature lined up with our First Impressions, but Bungie had to go and extend the Alpha testing period, didn't it? Nevertheless, Destiny's surprise first look is sadly over now, and it's time to tell us what you thought about it.

If you've read our aforementioned preview, then you'll already know that we were blown away by how well realised and polished the game appears to be. From the butter smooth gunplay to the slick RPG mechanics and addictive loot systems, it's safe to say that we're already sold on the House of Halo's latest creation. But what about you? Are there any additions that you'd like to see in the full release? Anything that you would change? Cast your votes in our survey, and detail your thoughts on the Alpha in the comments section below.

What did you think of Destiny's PlayStation 4 Alpha? (56 votes)

It was amazing, I can't wait to play again


It was good, the game has my attention


It was okay, I'll need to see more


It was poor, I'm not impressed


It was awful, I'm not a fan at all


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How long did you spend playing the Alpha? (52 votes)

Over 20 hours


Somewhere between 10 and 20 hours


Under 10 hours


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Do you think you'll end up buying Destiny when it releases? (52 votes)

Yes, I already have it pre-ordered


Yes, the Alpha convinced me


Maybe, I'll need to see more


No, the Alpha has put me off


No, I never had much interest anyway


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