"I can't believe we got such good seats"

E3 2014 hasn’t quite arrived yet, but the hype train has definitely departed from St. Pancras Station. As such, CD Projekt Red has arranged a pre-show shindig with which to keep you entertained while you make the journey to Los Angeles. The Polish outfit behind upcoming PlayStation 4 sequel The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is promising an early look at the game, as well as much more.

The show’s set to start at 11:00AM PT (14:00PM ET/19:00 BST), so don’t forget to check back for all of the action as it unfolds. There’s also going to be a bit about PC retailer GOG.com, so you’re free to go and make a cup of tea while that’s going on. Unless, of course, you actually care about that sort of stuff.

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