"The first rule of Let It Die..."

Distinctive auteur Suda 51 is about as divisive as they come. Indeed, the luminary's games either cause intense adoration, or confused and bewildered disgust. And if this trailer for his new PlayStation 4 exclusive Let It Die is anything to go by, that trend isn't likely to be changing in the near future. The live action clip that debuted in Sony's E3 press conference today sees a group of oddly dressed men attacking each other with clubs and other blunt instruments.

There's not really any gameplay here, so we're not entirely sure of what to expect from the full experience. Instead, we're left attempting to come up with the sort of bizarre situations that Suda himself would think of, which is obviously proving to be a fool's errand. In all honesty. we're just hoping that the game won't feature a twisted reimagining of the classic Beatles song 'Let It Be'.

Are you an ardent Suda 51 Fan, or do his games give you the creeps? Go crazy in the comments section below.

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