Spend wisely

Microtransactions are a mainstay in the current console climate, but Sony says that it won’t ever shoehorn the contentious mini-payments into its games. Speaking with GameSpot, software product development head Scott Rohde coolly claimed that the company will only employ the real world purchases where it makes sense – and even then it’s something that it’ll consider before blundering ahead.

“This is a case-by-case decision on every single game,” he told the popular publication. “In some games, it makes more sense. In other games, you could argue that it makes absolutely no sense. I like to say that at PlayStation, we don't have a distinct policy. If it makes sense in the universe of a game, then certainly, we'll look at it. But it's not something that we try to force into any game, nor do we try to force it out.”

Releases like Gran Turismo 6 have allowed you to spend a small amount of money to unlock credits in the game, but these can be easily earned during races. Meanwhile, some of the manufacturer’s free-to-play titles such as Destiny of Spirits and No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either have employed a similar model to smartphone hits, allowing you to upgrade your experience by spending a little money.

Of course, while this model is more widely accepted in complimentary content, it’s a much greater sticking point in retail releases. The likes of Battlefield 4, for example, allow you to spend an extortionate amount of money on unlocking weapons, while you can obtain bank balance boosts in Grand Theft Auto V. Are you comfortable with these additional money spinners existing as long as they can be ignored, or do you think that the practice needs to end? Let us know in the comments section below.

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