DriveClub PS4

Given the delay to PlayStation 4 racer DriveClub, it didn’t play a huge role in platform holder Sony’s big E3 2014 press conference – but that doesn’t mean that the Evolution Studios developed exclusive isn’t enjoying a sizeable presence on the show floor. The title’s now looking every inch the next-gen jaw dropper that the British-based outfit originally hinted at, and that’s as clear as day in this direct feed footage.

Of course, we now know that the sun won’t always be shining in the forthcoming speed-a-thon, and in the video, game director Paul Rustchynsky explains how the release’s weather system will work. “It’s dynamic,” he grins. “So, you can start a race in the dry and it’ll transition to a thunder storm, before then drying up again. And it’s not just the visuals, but it’s how it affects gameplay as well; drifting around a corner on wet tarmac is going to be completely different to when it’s dry.”

The visuals really are gob stoppingly good, but the raspy engine of the Ferrari F12 that’s on display also deserves a mention as well. The developer has used multiple microphones to capture the soul of each motor in its roster, which certainly sounds like it’s been worth the effort. Is this game revving your engine or grinding your gears? Put your foot down in the comments section below.

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