That briefcase is evil

We were expecting a greater emphasis on PlayStation 4’s virtual reality headset Project Morpheus during Sony’s E3 2014 press conference earlier this week, but the headset hasn’t been forgotten entirely. In addition to showing a couple of new demos at its booth, PlayStation Home developer nDreams has also announced a brand new title for the peripheral: The Assembly.

This dark, dystopian release sees you join an underground scientific organisation, which believes that morality is holding back natural progress. As such, the firm embarks on a diabolical plot to discover the universal theory of everything – irrespective of the cost. You’ll play as two different characters, each with different heights, sounds, and voices.

The game’s being shown off in Los Angeles right now, but the firm’s failed to lock in a hard release target. Considering that the company’s ambitious accessory doesn’t have a launch window either, we suppose that that makes sense. Are you intrigued by the concept of VR, or has your anticipation soured a little of late? Tighten your helmet in the comments section below.