"I can be your hero, baby"

PlayStation 4 launch title Resogun was one of our favourite games from 2013, so it’s little surprise that we’re prancing about like little green humans at the prospect of post-release content. While developer Housemarque has been teasing this DLC for some time, IGN has now partially confirmed it, announcing that the ‘Heroes’ add-on pack is coming to Sony’s next-gen system in the near future for an undisclosed fee.

While the specifics of this expansion are being kept under wraps for the time being – apparently it will launch alongside a patch and a second super secret mode – the popular publication has confirmed that it will implement a Survival mode, which will see you trying to live through as many day-to-night cycles as you can possibly manage. In addition to new enemies, audio, and Trophies, this will also add a twist to the traditional human rescuing mechanic, as they’ll now parachute down from the sky.

Fortunately, you won’t need to deposit these irradiated beings, as merely catching them before they perish will increase your score significantly. It sounds like a predictable, but no less appreciated, addition to an already great game, and with the company teasing local co-op as well, we suspect that this is going to be a worthwhile extra. Are you excited by the prospect of more futuristic content? Save the last humans in the comments section below.

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