Yes, he bleached his hair

When it was announced that Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment was being released for the PS Vita this summer, the reveal lacked one major detail in particular, and that was the title's storyline. Thankfully, a new E3 trailer has materialized to try and help plug all those narrative gaps. Following the original plot in which players get trapped inside the a massively multiplayer online game, they must clear all 100 floors of the Aincrad dungeon in order to survive. Diverging from the events on the 76th floor, a new adventure exclusive to the handheld release begins.

Playing as our beloved swordsman Kirito, you'll be able to join forces with all your favourite characters from the anime's first season. Together, you'll battle through the 100 dungeon floors as well as a brand new hollow area, executing familiar bosses on the way. While you'll be able to team up with up to four players, the feature will unfortunately only be available using local ad hoc multiplayer. Are there any moments you wish to relive? Leave your memories in the comments section below.