This lot can't wait to watch

While we hope that you’ll spend much of next week reading our written coverage of PlayStation at E3, we won’t be too offended if you head over to the PlayStation Blog to check out its livestream directly from the show floor – well, as long as you come back. In addition to streaming the platform holder’s press conference live from 17:45PM PT, the firm will also be running a show directly from the PlayStation booth, featuring developer demos, interviews, and much more.

The three-day broadcast will be anchored by The Tester host Meredith Molinari and ex-Rev3Games presenter Anthony Carboni, while a ragtag crew of editors from Sony’s official website will be popping up to conduct some on-air conversations, too. You can find the full schedule through here, so don’t forget to plan your week accordingly, and let us know what you’re most eager to see during the livestream in the comments section below.