Man, that ATV is going to go flying

Cars and Criterion Games have gone hand in hand for years. It's hard not to imagine a racing game from the studio that doesn't involve sleek, expensive sports vehicles or obsessively rendered depictions of car crashes like in Need for Speed or Burnout. However, since the developer's surprising announcement that it will be debuting a new project at E3 2014, we've been assuming that it would still involve cars in some fashion, and that easy prediction has turned out to be true. But it's a big surprise to us that this new game is actually "going beyond cars" this time around.

With in-game footage and concept art of its premature game, the developer acknowledges at first that it's well known for its past titles that have defined the racing genre over the years, and ensures that cars will play a part in its latest game. However, by stripping away cars, what lies at the core of its games? Speed, risk, danger, and huge crashes are some of the elements that team members mention, and they hope to expand on these by bringing in a host of new means of transportation, including parachutes, boats, wingsuits, helicopters, and more. By combining these things to create fast-paced and unique gameplay situations – such as by jumping out of a helicopter onto a boat or attaching parachutes to an ATV – Criterion Games wants players to experience the exhilarating feeling that it has provided since its inception on a whole new scale.

To see additional details on what the development team is striving to create, what inspired it to go this route, and how it's changed its studio and development process, watch the video below. Also, rev your engines in the comments section to let us know what you think about the daring direction Criterion Games is going in.