Smoking can kill

The good old point-and-click adventure genre has been past its sell by date for a long time, excluding the recent revival of Broken Sword. This makes obtaining these gems of yore like collecting gold dust, leaving a generation robbed of this storytelling experience. One such title, 1998 PC classic Grim Fandango, is being excavated with its re-mastering exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and Vita. Developed by Double Fine of The Cave glory in collaboration with Disney Interactive, the search for a computer able to run this artifact finally ends.

Manuel Calavera is our beached white travel assistant, helping the recently deceased journey to the afterlife in the Land of the Dead. While being a good boy and eating all of your broccoli can land you a fast-track train ticket taking only four minutes, those more partial to the Grand Theft Auto thug life end up having to take this final quest by foot, adding on four years of travelling time. Using items and your puzzle solving ability, you'll help a lost soul journey to the next life in this film noir-inspired adventure.

Does this bring a blast from the past, or will this be your first time playing the adventure classic? Leave your memories in the comments section below.