"Buzz off, Bumblebee"

It’s always strange to see Optimus Prime’s voice come out of an ordinary human being, but we suppose that voice actor Peter Cullen deserves a share of the limelight for once. In this brand new video, the silky chopped star provides an overview of Activision’s upcoming PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 tie-in, Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark.

Built upon the same blueprints as High Moon Studios’ solid Cybertron series, this aims to fuse the fiction between Paramount Pictures’ movie property and Generation One. As such, the title will feature an impressive 40 playable characters across its single player campaign and co-op modes, as the Autobots fight over the titular anti-Matrix which threatens to destroy the world.

We’re not entirely convinced whether the plot’s going to work, but the gameplay snippets glimpsed in the trailer certainly look strong. Even more excitingly, improvements have been rolled out to the aforementioned Escalation multiplayer option, meaning that you’ll now need to overcome bouts against recognisable bots as you work your way through the enemy waves.

Are you aiming to gobble this up like Unicron the day that it deploys, or has the whole concept got you Starscreaming in disappointment? Dare to be stupid in the comments section below.

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