"Tell me the darn truth or I'll buy a Lumia"

The saga involving Watch Dogs’ resolution and framerate on the PlayStation 4 is still ongoing, as platform holder Sony has removed text from its official website suggesting that the game will run at 60 frames-per-second in 1080p on its next-gen format. The page – which was the source of much speculation over the weekend – now simply claims that the sandbox escapade will look best on the Japanese giant’s supercharged device, but doesn’t delve into specifics.

Meanwhile, both parties are being frustratingly coy about the situation. We’re yet to get any word from Ubisoft, but a representative told VG247 that it has nothing to announce at this point in time. Seeing as this is a simple technical specification, we’re not entirely sure why both companies are being so secretive. We suppose that it’s possible that the French firm may want to keep this information quiet if it makes other formats look inferior, but that didn’t prevent Konami from being alarmingly candid earlier in the year.

Either way, we suspect that this story will run until the publisher announces something official. We'd argue that irrespective of the specifics – and corporate chest beating – you should probably expect the open world excursion to look best on Sony's system, as has been the case with almost all multiformat titles so far. Whether it really matters or not, though, is honestly still up for debate.

[source playstation.com]