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We're now at the point where no week is complete without a brand new edition of Who Would Win Wednesdays. Imagining two fictional characters beating the snot out of each other never really gets old, and as long as we don't run out of PlayStation personalities to write about, we'll be more than happy to satisfy your lust for blood. Speaking of which, last week's brawl was a bloody one indeed, as Jacket and Trevor Philips hit each other with blunt objects. The psychopath without a mask walked away in one piece, but which of our criminals will achieve victory today? As always, only you can decide who nabs the booty.

Edward Kenway

Edward Kenway

Captain of the Jackdaw and an all-round tip-top pirate, Edward Kenway is a force to be reckoned with on the high seas. Whether he's at the wheel of his beloved ship or he's off running around tropical islands, he's a master of getting results. Like other Assassin's Creed protagonists before him, the Welshman prefers to get things done from the shadows, but he's more than capable of going into battle loud and proud – and walking away from the carnage without a scratch. Wielding dual cutlasses is what he does best, although he also likes to string a few quick pistol shots into his combos to keep his dance of death looking flashy. Despite all of his skill, though, Kenway's greatest asset is arguably his confidence. He doesn't quite have the swagger of Jack Sparrow, but his cocky attitude and cunning nature have saved him more than once.

Cervantes de Leon

Cervantes de Leon

Corrupted by the evil entity that is Soul Edge, Cervantes is one of SoulCalibur's longest running combatants. Once a pirate, the cursed individual is now obsessed with the demonic blade and all it stands for, which makes him an intimidating opponent who'll stop at nothing to reach his goals, even if it means chopping up his own daughter. Swinging around both a broadsword and a smaller razor that's fitted with a pistol, Cervantes makes use of a rather unorthodox fighting style that sees him mixing heavy slashes with relatively short-range stabs. The seadog's most powerful attacks have him flying and spinning about the arena like a man possessed, and he's capable of dealing massive amounts of damage should he land one of these devastating blows.

Would Edward's wit be enough to stop Cervantes' undying will? Which combatant's lust for plunder would steer him to victory? Vote for your winner in our poll, and tell us how you think that the battle would unfold in the comments section below.

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Who do you think would win this Wednesday? (33 votes)

  1. Edward Kenway42%
  2. Cervantes de Leon58%

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