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We already know what you're thinking. You took one look at the thumbnail for this week's Who Would Win Wednesdays and you were either more inclined to click the link, or you were disgusted with our choice of artwork for today's fight. But differing tastes is what this weekly feature is all about, as we throw two PlayStation personalities at each other and see who comes out of the carnage alive. He may be a relic of the past, but that didn't stop Duke Nukem from blowing Johnny Gat away in last week's fight – but who will cut their opponent to ribbons this week? Dust off your giant axe and take a gander.



Capable of dealing out ridiculous amounts of damage with a single swing of her ridiculously proportioned weapon, the Amazon is one of Dragon's Crown's deadliest classes. Flipping about the battlefield like an acrobat, she loves nothing better than cleaving through everything that dares to stand in her path, be it a lowly goblin or the gigantic kraken. However, her fighting style does take some time to master, as unlike the well armoured Fighter, the Amazon prefers to rampage through dungeons and ruins in her underwear, meaning that she's likely to take quite a beating. Thankfully, her abilities allow her to grow more powerful as long as she keeps slaying enemies, eventually becoming a whirlwind of unstoppable might.



Widely regarded as one of the best things about the divisive Dragon Age II, the Arishok is the strong and serious leader of a Qunari contingent. During the RPG's second act, this hulking warrior challenges protagonist Hawke to single combat – a clash that ends up being one of the most memorable parts of the game. Wielding two rather large weapons, the Arishok displays some impressive strength as he swings and twirls them without much effort, making short work of anything that's foolish enough to wander before him. His most prominent aspect, however, is his total belief that power demands respect. This is a fighter who simply won't back down from an opponent who he thinks is worth his time, and shows no mercy to the weak.

In this bulky battle of muscle, who swings the hardest? Would the Amazon snap the Arishok's horns, or would he refuse to fall before a nearly nude warrior? Vote for your winner in our poll, and tell us how you think that the battle would unfold in the comments section below.

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