Forever friends

Watch Dogs protagonist Aiden Pearce may have a smartphone so, er, smart that it can simulate human company, but you still can’t beat the real thing. As such, the hatted hero will have a slew of real-life accomplices in Ubisoft’s upcoming open world adventure, each stemming from a different walk of life.

Clara Lille, for example, is a hacker and an extra from the movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, while ‘T-Bone’ Grady is a bearded badass who’s probably the only person on the planet who still enjoys listening to the Deftones' back catalogue. Lastly, Jordi Chin is a hard as nails businessman with a sharp Kazuma Kiryu-esque suit.

You can enjoy a conference call with all of the game’s main characters courtesy of the explosive trailer embedded below. There’s not long to go now until the French publisher’s hack happy PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 excursion taps into your console. Have you already reserved your copy, or are you waiting for reviews? Hang up in the comments section.