Yukimura is hyped all over again

Well doesn't 2014 just get better and better for Warriors fans? Following on from yesterday's announcement that Samurai Warriors 4 is marching onto Western PlayStation 4s in Autumn, it turns out that it'll be joined by Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, which also carries a vague Autumn release date.

For those unfamiliar with the crossover series, the Warriors Orochi games consist of stories where the heroes of both Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors are placed in a dimension where their worlds collide, and unlikely alliances are forged as the two sets of historic personalities work to defeat Orochi – a demon God of immense power who rules over the twisted realm. It's essentially an excuse to show off a gigantic roster of over 100 playable characters, but there are still a few neat little gameplay alterations that are unique to the franchise, such as the ability to swap between three different fighters with the press of a button.

As with Samurai Warriors 4, the title will also be hacking and slashing its way onto the ageing PlayStation 3 and the slick Vita. Will you be buying both of these Autumn releases, or are you completely spoiled for choice? Give Tecmo Koei a big kiss in the comments section below.

[source tecmokoeiexpo.com, via gematsu.com]