Would you relive the horrors of Rapture?

The original BioShock was released seven years ago. That's an astonishing statistic that makes us feel old, but Rapture still holds up well regardless. However, what if the game was re-mastered using the additional grunt of the PlayStation 4? We certainly wouldn't mind re-visiting its underwater, dystopian society, and one YouTube user has offered a glimpse of what it could look like on Sony's next-gen machine.

The user – dubbed noodlespagoodle – posted the video embedded below, which showcases a multitude of converted BioShock assets running on the Unreal Engine 4. In addition to a substantial visual boost, the footage displays new water and lighting effects, lens flare, and a reflective sheen added to certain objects. The first part of the clip consists of a smooth demonstration of the entire environment, but at the 1:16 mark, we're offered a first-person view of what this refresh would look like to play.

What do you think of this visual upgrade? Did noodlespagoodle do an excellent job of rendering Ken Levine's classic in Epic Games' upgraded engine? Would you consider purchasing a remake of one of the most critically acclaimed games of the past decade? Swim to the comments section to let us know.

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