The Order 1886

You can’t knock a coconut down every time. Just as we were putting the finishing touches to our sweeping The Order: 1886 delay article, Sony has teased some kind of televised event pertaining to the upcoming PlayStation 4 adventure. This will take place on Twitch at 13:00PM PT / 20:00PM GMT, though the platform holder’s being cryptic about what the broadcast will actually entail. We’re secretly hoping that we don’t get a release date, so that our feature can remain relevant for more than six flippin’ hours.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, manager Fred Dutton hinted that you will get a “sneak peek” at some gameplay during the last minute presentation. He also added that it’ll be a “blink and you’ll miss it” affair, though he bolded the word ‘blink’, leading us to think that this is some kind hint at what’s to come. Naturally, we’ll have all of the news as its breaks. What do you think that the platform holder’s teasing? Sing some Beatles songs in the comments section below.