Good night

We’re approaching that time of the year where games start getting delayed, and following in the footsteps of The Elder Scrolls Online, Polish developer Techland has confirmed that PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 parkour-‘em-up Dying Light will now not deploy until February 2015. The title was originally due out this summer, so that’s quite the setback.

Refreshingly, the studio explained that the delay is merely down to the firm wanting to fully realise its vision, and a desire to not sacrifice any of the game’s potential by releasing too early. “This quality-focused thinking underlines all of our development choices, and we hope that you share our belief that the gameplay must always come first,” a spokesperson explained.

There had been some rumours that the organisation was scrapping the PS3 version and ploughing all of its resources into the next-gen release, but it’s since confirmed that that won’t be the case, and that it’s still committed to releasing on Sony’s ageing system. Still, the delay doesn't mean that the developer will be going dark entirely, as it's promising to point its spotlight in the direction of the release at E3 next month.