Battlefield Hardline PS4

On the tail of yesterday’s rumours, EA Games has removed the handcuffs from police themed first-person shooter Battlefield Hardline. The title – which will be properly debuted at E3 next month – is due out on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 later this year, and will represent a “brand new” series in DICE’s popular property. It’s being developed by Dead Space maker Visceral Games.

Writing on the publisher’s official website, studio chief Steve Papoutsis noted that the release was conceived after a meeting with DICE boss Karl Magnus Troedsson several years ago. “I've always loved Battlefield and [he] was a huge fan of Dead Space, which I was working on at the time,” said Papoutsis. “We started talking about different ways that we could work together.”

Yesterday’s leak included multiplayer class names, modes, maps, and more. However, arguably the most interesting snippet was the image of a handful of vehicle icons, which appeared to hint at trucks, sports cars, and helicopters. As already alluded, the title will be fully revealed during EA Games’ press conference at E3 next month.

“We've been reading all of your comments and we're excited to be going into more detail soon on the ways that we're adding new twists and turns to the foundation of Battlefield multiplayer, and more about how we're bringing our strengths at Visceral to single player,” Papoutsis concluded. Has this tease got your internal siren singing? Pull over in the comments section below.