You scratch my back...

You may recall a few weeks back that Sony sold all of its 9,520,000 shares in Square Enix. While most were quick to assume that the sale signalled some impending doom for the company, the reasons behind the move were actually much less sinister. Indeed, Final Fantasy series producer Shinji Hashimoto revealed at Comic-Con Thailand that the deal was actually mutually beneficial.

"Back in 2001, Square Enix had financial problems and Sony bought our stocks. Now, the situation is reversed. Since then, we have had good support from our customers for our products, so Square Enix is back on its legs," the luminary stated. "But Sony has declined. The presidents of both companies had negotiations and resulted as everyone knew. We did not have an argument. Since Sony once helped us, it was time that we helped Sony back."

Well now, isn't that nice? While the explanation may be just a bit saccharine for some of you, we think that it undoubtedly puts this issue to bed. What do you make of Hashimoto's statements? Do you think that there may still be more to this story? Let us know in the comments section below.