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We sincerely hope that you’ve defeated the Nazis in Wolfenstein: The New Order and rediscovered your voice in Transistor, because the PlayStation release calendar is showing no signs of slowing down ahead of next month’s E3 event in Los Angeles. While the mere mention of the convention is enough to send shudders through the office, we’re trying to live in the moment at the minute, and as such, we’re all ridiculously excited to get our hands on open world adventure Watch Dogs. Alas, that’s not the only title on the launch date docket this week, so let’s take a tour of the full selection.

Pick of the Week - Watch Dogs

It’s taken what feels like an eternity for Ubisoft’s virtual interpretation of Chicago to tap into retail outlets around the world, but finally Watch Dogs has switched off silent and decided to pick up the darn phone. Originally intended for release alongside the PlayStation 4, the French publisher’s cross-generation foray was delayed at the last minute in order to enable its multi-team workforce to upload various improvements to the game. Having both dazzled and disappointed since its re-reveal earlier in the year, the jury’s very much still out on this futuristic affair.

Wrapping you inside the trench coat of protagonist Aiden Pearce, it’s the game’s variety that’s arguably its most promising asset. In addition to a slew of different combat abilities enabled by the mouth scarf sporting star’s smartphone, the game will also allow you to engage in drinking games, strange digital trips, and much more. Furthermore, due to the title’s sandbox setting, you’ll be able to approach everything at your own pace, perhaps tailing a couple of shady city businessmen before turning your attention to the next big mission marked on your map.

PS4, PS3 | 27th May [US], 27th May [EU]


Ace Combat: Infinity - PS3 | 27th May [US], 28th May [EU]

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Namco Bandai’s free-to-play experiment has prompted some distinctly mixed results thus far, with the decent Tekken Revolution giving the atrocious SoulCalibur: Lost Swords something to think about. It’ll be interesting, then, to see how the publisher’s popular air combat property handles the transition to free fuel, with Ace Combat: Infinity leaving the runway this week.

Lemmings Touch - Vita | 27th May [US], 28th May [EU]

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Touching a lemming in real life may lead to a nasty nip, but in Lemmings Touch, you needn’t worry about such consequences. The latest entry in this iconic British series sees you employing the PlayStation Vita’s touch screen in order to issue your green critters commands, and guiding them to safety with classic items such as umbrellas and pickaxes along the way.

Monster Monpiece - Vita | 27th May [US]

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The game with a GIF image so saucy that we daren’t post it here, Monster Monpiece is the latest racy release from Japanese developer Compile Heart, which sees various mythological creatures re-imagined as scantily dressed girls. A card battler at heart, this title makes ingenious use of the Vita’s touch screen – by encouraging you to rub both its front and rear panels in order to level up.

Everything Else

Otw 3 Rest

Borderlands 2
Vita | 30th May [EU]

Mind Zero
Vita | 27th May [US], 28th May [EU]

The Sly Cooper Collection
Vita | 27th May [US]

Worms Battlegrounds
PS4 | 30th May [EU]

It’s a busy week for all systems this time around, but which of the above is threatening to consume your cash? Are you aiming to phone home with Watch Dogs, or perhaps enhance your wrist action with Monster Monpiece? Keep your eyes open in the comments section below.

What are you most looking forward to this week? (30 votes)

  1. Ace Combat: Infinity3%
  2. Borderlands 23%
  3. Lemmings Touch3%
  4. Mind Zero3%
  5. Monster Monpiece3%
  6. The Sly Cooper Collection10%
  7. Watch Dogs67%
  8. Worms Battlegrounds7%

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