ASB P3 Joseph Intro

It's always a thrill to get new characters for a beloved brawler, especially when you don't have to wait for a new version to be released. In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle, you can now make your fights more flamboyant than ever with the release of three new character DLC packs and a new campaign mode to show them off.

Our first contender is Old Joseph Joestar, the same Joseph that you will have played as during his prime. This 69-year-old veteran isn't to be messed with, as he joins his grandson Jotaro Kujo on his quest to slay Dio. Contender number two is Joseph's teacher herself, Lisa Lisa. This feisty lady, and keeper of the Red Stone of Aja, shows that she is not a gal to be trifled with in this war between men. Our final brawler is Ikuro Hoshizawa, a boy who became infected by the powerful Baoh biological weapon. When attacked, a parasitic host takes over his body, and covers it in armour. Sadly, though, he doesn't come equipped with a second health bar.

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If you're not wanting to flash your cash, thankfully the campaign update is free. You'll need to ensure that you download this, as you'll be unable to play the campaign or battle online until you do so. If you haven't already picked up this fabulous fighter, make sure to check out our review.