Metro Redux

Deep Silver has deployed the first gameplay footage of first-person re-release Metro: Redux running in 1080p at 60 frames-per-second on the PlayStation 4. The compilation – which was teased earlier in the week – will include enhanced versions of last year’s Metro: Last Light, as well as ex-Xbox 360 console exclusive Metro: 2033. You’ll be able to buy the titles together for £34.99/$49.99, or individually from the PlayStation Store for £15.99/$25.99 apiece. All of the options will be available this summer.

Once again, Sony’s next-gen machine will play host to the best version, as the game will run at 900p on the Xbox One. However, there’ll be more to these remakes than mere visual improvements, as 4A Games has also promised a slew of gameplay tweaks, including revised artificial intelligence, stealth, and weapon handling. Moreover, there’ll be a couple of new gameplay modes which will adapt the experience for veterans already familiar with both campaigns.

For starters, Survival will repurpose the resource-based gameplay of the inaugural adventure, while Spartan will actually offer the reverse, allowing you to blast through the campaigns like a mad man on a mission. The classic Ranger mode will also be available, allowing you to work through each adventure without a heads-up display. Oh, and of course, you’ll get every piece of DLC released to date for your re-purchasing troubles.

Are you too scared to return to Russia’s post-apocalyptic subway station, or will you be diving headfirst into Moscow’s macabre metro? Keep your eyes open in the comments section below.