Still gleaming

EA Sports has put the boot in its plans to launch FIFA 14’s post-release World Cup update today. The new iteration of Ultimate Team had been set to deploy later, but writing on the popular soccer simulation’s official forums, a spokesperson for the publisher revealed that it has encountered some “unforeseen issues”. It would appear that not even game development is safe from Jose Mourinho’s parked bus.

“Knowing that our players have been so excited for these new modes made it a tough decision,” the organisation explained. “However, as we progressed through final testing, we encountered unforeseen issues that would affect all users who downloaded the update, so it’s important to address them first before release. Our team is currently working hard to have the update ready to release in the coming days.”

Refreshingly, the company’s promised to provide regular updates on the franchise’s Twitter account, so make sure that you click through here for the latest information. Has this delay kicked your anticipation in the nads, or are you pleased to see the publisher clean up any Messi code prior to release? Zabaleta rip in the comments section below.

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