It feels like an eternity since Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition was announced for the PlayStation 4 during Sony’s big next-gen coming out party last year, but the title finally has a 19th August release date. Surprisingly, it will deploy on the PlayStation 3 as well as the Japanese giant’s latest device, meaning that you won’t need to splash out on a new system in order to enjoy the Reaper of Souls expansion.

In addition to the recently released PC add-on, the upgraded package will also include a new Apprentice mode, allowing you to play co-operatively with friends who may have already progressed further through the campaign. Meanwhile, the new Nemesis system will augment you with the opportunity to off monsters that have previously slaughtered your pals – and score some sick loot drops for your troubles.

This is all in addition to a new act, level cap increase, and class, which form part of the abovementioned expansion pack. And don't worry if you’ve already been busy battling the spawn of Satan on the PS3, as you’ll be able to transfer your progress to the PS4 when you're ready to upgrade. Sound good? Wield your very best weapon in the comments section below.