"Where's the nearest pub?"

No sandbox is complete without a few minigames, and it seems that impending open world adventure Watch Dogs will be packed to the figurative fill line with various activities to keep you entertained. An update to the game’s IGN wiki reveals exactly what French publisher Ubisoft has in store – including chess, poker, and, er, drinking games. Our ageing stomach’s already churning at the prospect.

Unsurprisingly, these chugging contests don’t sound especially entertaining. It seems that you’ll be matching buttons God of War-style during these sequences – but instead of beheading Greek gods, you’ll merely be attempting to keep your liquor down for a cash prize. Elsewhere, you’ll be able to use your smartphone to cheat at poker, while chess will come in various different guises – including a puzzle mode.

Other options will include NVZN, an augmented reality arcade blaster, and Cash Run, a money grabbing test of agility featuring Pac-Man-like ghosts. Shell Game and Slot Machines will provide Chicago’s equivalent to Shenmue’s infamous Lucky Hit, while Digital Trips sound like narrative justification for the game engine to do something utterly bonkers. These include the previously revealed Spider Tank missions, but there are more.

For starters, Madness will put you behind the wheel of a supercharged vehicle, which you must use to defeat zombies in a Carmageddon-esque experience. Meanwhile, Alone will see you attempting to restore electricity to Chicago – all while you’re being hunted by robots. Lastly, Psychedelic will see you hopping between, er, oversized sunflowers, while Conspiracy will provide a more savoury alternative to Akiba's Trip, as you hunt out cyborgs using your smartphone.

You can read more about each of these minigames through here. Do any of these distractions tickle your fancy? Are you partial to the odd open world time waster? Sip some of grandpa’s cough medicine in the comments section below.

[source uk.ign.com]