It's a claptrap

If you've been holding your breath in anticipation of the release of Borderlands 2 on the PlayStation Vita, we're glad to inform you that the popular shooter has now been given a firm release date. That's right, you can now safely start scrounging together some loot to purchase the title on 28th May in Europe. But first, you should probably see a doctor, because we're pretty sure that not breathing for so long will have done you some serious and irreparable damage.

This comes soon after the news that the port will only support two players in its multiplayer mode, as opposed to the console version's four. What's more, the Japanese giant recently announced a rather handsome bundle for the North American market that will include both the game and a slim model Vita. That's actually out now. Still, if you just want to know whether the series' distinctive visuals hold up on the handheld's screen, take a look through here.

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Will you be giving this conversion a shot, or have you already poured hours of your life into the console version? Are you concerned that the shooter may lose precision when played with the Vita's analogue sticks? Loot-'n'-shoot in the comments section below.

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