While Sony has been tearing up the Game Developers Conference with its long awaited virtual reality headset, Sony has sneakily allowed the press to get its hands on the PlayStation Vita re-release of popular loot-'em-up Borderlands 2. Luckily, Spanish site Atomix has shared its findings, posting this short clip which gives us our first glimpse at the sharp-witted shooter running on the Japanese giant's flagship handheld. Just, uh, ignore the attendee in the background talking about some other console that we've never heard of before.

While the game certainly maintains its characteristic visual charm, it does appear to be a little constrained on the portable screen. In particular, the maritime section of the demo looks a bit raw at times. However, the title does appear to be running quite smoothly, which is arguably much more important than its visual vigour. What do you make of this brand new footage? Do you think that the port looks handsome, or utterly horrific? Shoot-'n'-loot in the comments section below.