Playstation Plus

The PlayStation 4 is selling like hotcakes – this much we know. But what about the Japanese giant’s premium subscription service? Have people been opening their wallets for PlayStation Plus with similar speed? Well, at a recent investors meeting, Sony president Kaz Hirai revealed that around half of all PS4 users are subscribed to the online model.

After forcing our crack team of highly trained math monkeys to crunch the numbers, we’ve determined that this means approximately 3.5 million people use the service. That’s a pretty good result, by any standard, but not entirely unexpected. We’ve always been huge fans of PlayStation Plus here at Push Square, and like to think that people can spot a bargain when they see one. Indeed, it warms the cockles of our otherwise jaded and cynical hearts to see a brilliant product getting the respect that it deserves.

Unfortunately, our jaded and cynical hearts are also quick to point out that the service is mandatory for online play on the super machine, which probably accounts for some of those numbers. Are you a PlayStation Plus subscriber? Are you happy with Sony’s recent offerings? Renew your subscription in the comments section below.