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Tecmo Koei's Atelier series is set to return with the final re-release of the PlayStation 3's Arland trilogy. Following the PlayStation Vita editions of Atelier Totori and Atelier Meruru – which were similar to their PlayStation 3 counterparts bar a few minor differences – the first part of the saga has now received a complete overhaul. This much needed makeover will be available on 20th June in Europe for the PS3 and Vita, while the North American release will land on the 24th June. The Vita edition will only be available on the PlayStation Network in both regions, while the console version will be available at retail also.

Aside from the upgraded graphics and new models for characters and scenery, the game will be bursting with new content for players old and new. For those just starting their journey, there'll be a new time capsule system. You'll be able to bury items in the game and dig them up in the future while playing Totori and Meruru on the Vita. There'll be cross-save with the PS3 version, too. Meanwhile, the battle system will be spruced up to the standard of newer releases, with extra maps and bosses to fight against, and new characters to play with. Synthesising hasn't been left out either, with an expanded item catalogue so that you can create more goodies than ever. New events and illustrations will be included, along with fresh chapters featuring the alchemists Totori and Meruru – though we're not quite sure how that will work. For those after a Japanese language option, that'll be included alongside an English dub.

With more additional content than you can shake a stick at, it looks like this may be one remake worth splashing your cash on. Has Rorona swept you off your feet? Leave your assignment requests in the comments section below.

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