Rule the roost

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, the sequel to Dennaton Games’ outrageously addictive PlayStation 3 and Vita murder-‘em-up, is so close now that we can almost hear its dial tone – and publisher Devolver Digital has deployed a short 60 second taster to tide us over until its Q3 2014 release. Ordinarily, we’d complain about being forced to hold the line, but this is some of the best waiting music that we’ve ever heard.

While the footage definitely displays more of the brutal same, some new additions are hinted in the minute-or-so of homicidal mayhem, including dual-wielded weapons and co-op. The company’s not confirming anything yet, but a new demo is set to be shown at PAX East this weekend, which will presumably go hand-in-hand with a couple of announcements. Do you still like hurting people? Club us in the back of the head courtesy of the comments section below.