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Greetings loyal Push Square readers, and welcome to yet another Who Would Win Wednesdays. In a rather brutal twist of fate, this bumbling associate editor completely forgot about this week's contest, but luckily, we've had a brawl waiting in the wings for just such an occasion – and what a battle it is. Of course, we can't forget about last week's fight either, in which Alduin and Bahamut burned each other to ashes. Final Fantasy's colourful dragon emerged victorious, but will the franchise go on to notch up another win today? Let's find out.



Not many PlayStation characters can say that they've made the jump from being a hated protagonist to one of the most badass creations in gaming, but Metal Gear's Raiden is one of them. Even before his ridiculous transformation, Raiden was already a dangerous and deadly soldier, but after it, he's probably one of the most powerful fighters to ever grace the PS3. Picking up gigantic mechs and flinging them across an entire city is all in a day's work for this overpowered cyborg, and yet he still finds the time to think up incredibly cheesy one-liners as he makes mincemeat out of platoons of robotic grunts. With his iconic high frequency blade in hand, not much can stand in the way of Raiden – especially when those magic words, "rules of nature", echo across the battlefield.



Final Fantasy VII's antagonist is easily one of PlayStation's most recognisable villains, and for good reason. Creepy mother issues aside, Sephiroth has all the makings of master fighter: insanely powerful magical abilities, a consistently confident smirk, and a blade that's bigger than himself. Wielding masamune, this well groomed psychopath attempts to bring about the end of the world by dropping a massive meteorite on it. Of course, his plans are ultimately thwarted, but let's not forget that Sephiroth is just one man with a really large sword. Possessing almost unmatched agility, strength, and cunning thanks to his biological enhancements, it's safe to say that the iconic killer would be a tough opponent for just about any character that you can think of – just don't mention a certain Mr. Strife.

In this week's clash of utterly ridiculous sword skills, who would end up being sliced and diced? Vote for your winner in our poll, and tell us how you think the battle would unfold in the comments section below.

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