Totally contextual, dawg

Watch Dogs protagonist Aiden Pearce may be packing some serious smartphone power in his pocket, but that won’t help him to, y’know, do star jumps on the spot. In a tweet that makes perfect filler for a dreadfully slow news days, the release’s animation director Colin Graham has revealed that the upcoming PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 title will not feature a leap button – a somewhat odd admission given the title’s traversal focus.

The developer justified the decision by stating that any acrobatics are “contextual”, meaning that parkour will probably operate similarly to Assassin’s Creed. We hope that you like getting stuck on the wrong surfaces. Seriously, though, the fact that this is a story at all highlights just how reluctant the company has been to actually let people play the game. To our knowledge, there are still no hands-on impressions available for the hack happy excursion, which is prompting our internal alarm bells to ring like crazy.

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