Save the last humans

Do you like mysterious and intriguing tweets that hint at new and exciting games, without ever actually giving any concrete details? No? Neither do we really, but, in the words of the Rolling Stones, you can't always get what you want. Housemarque, the talented team behind Resogun – one of our favourite games of 2013 – is hard at work on a brand new title for the PlayStation 4, and it's taken to Twitter to spruik this latest scheme.

"Imagine Resogun, right?" the studio teased. "Now imagine it so much better that you almost forget how good the original was. That. Is. Coming." Any moral and upstanding citizen would take this as a fairly blatant hint at a sequel to the sharp shooter, but the Helsinki-based indie was quick to quell this quandary. When asked for any hints regarding a potential follow-up, the developer replied by categorically stating: "There's no Resogun 2."

Which leaves the lingering question: what the heck is the studio referring to? Considering its decidedly score-focused output thus far, we're predicting that this might be something in the same vein, but at this point, it's really anyone's guess. Perhaps the developer is talking about that Dead Nation sequel that it's apparently been toying around with. What do you make of this tantalising tease? Would you be interested in a sequel to Resogun? Enter bullet hell in the comments section below.

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