PS4 Firmware Update 1.70

We’ve covered tens of PlayStation firmware updates in our time, but we’ve never experienced this level of pent up excitement over a system refresh before. Sony announced earlier today that the PlayStation 4’s hotly anticipated v1.70 upgrade will be made available on 30th April, and in order to ramp up the anticipation a little more, it’s released a Japanese trailer showing off all of the software’s new features.

For starters, you’ll now be able to broadcast footage in full high-definition. This functionality will expand to Twitch, and it's been confirmed that you'll be able to archive your shows as well. Moreover, popular Japanese service Nico Nico Douga will be added as a steaming partner in Japan, though don’t expect this functionality to arrive overseas.

SHAREfactory, it seems, will be a downloadable application, so those not interested in editing video clips will be able to ignore the suite. As previously reported, this will allow you to piece together your best gameplay moments, and add commentary, stickers, transitions, and more. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to copy these files to a USB stick if you’d like to upload them to YouTube or other non-supported sites.

This isn’t the only improvement that the DualShock 4’s vaunted social input will be receiving, however, as you’ll now be able to adapt how long the next-gen console spends recording. For example, if you’d only like your device to store the past five minutes of gameplay when you push the button, then you’ll now be able to set that up. We’re assuming that this update will also solve any lingering bugs that the feature currently possesses.

Elsewhere, pre-order functionality will be available from the PlayStation Store, allowing you to download entire games before they release, and stare at a countdown until they’re available to play. This means that you won’t be forced to sit through a 50GB download on launch day. And lastly, over in Japan, PS Vita TV will be getting full Remote Play support, meaning that you’ll be able to stream your games to different televisions.

You can check out all of these features in the video embedded below. One interesting tweak that isn’t divulged in the documentation is the movement of stream comments from beneath the gameplay window to the right side bar, freeing up more screen estate. Which of these enhancements are you most looking forward to trying out? Wait patiently for your platform to update in the comments section below.

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