Looking this good ain't easy

During the delay of PlayStation 4 exclusive racer DriveClub, the rumble of 60 frames-per-second was an ever-present fixture. The firm admitted over a year ago that it was “targeting” the benchmark, but it’s now put to bed any speculation regarding the figure, confirming that the game will run at 30FPS in full 1080p. Cue overreactions.

Speaking with VG247, game director Paul Rustchynsky explained that this was the best decision for the title. “As we got more familiar with the hardware, and also, looking at what we wanted from the game, we decided that 1080p, 30FPS was absolutely the best thing, because it allows us to deliver the most detailed cars in-race that you will ever have seen.”

He continued: “It’s allowed us to create some of the biggest tracks that you will ever see in a racing game, with the most visually dense environments, as well as a full global illumination system, which allows us to [set the] time of day, where shadows are cast, [and implement] full-on reflections. It’s allowed us to push all of those various areas.”

The game does look absolutely staggering, as demonstrated by yesterday’s long overdue re-reveal trailer. Of course, this hasn’t stopped some pundits from vocally disposing of their pre-orders in various forums around the web. Personally, as much as we love 60FPS, we’re glad that the developer's stuck with its original vision, and upped the visuals instead. Our share button is sure to get a workout this October.

[source vg247.com]