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Supergiant Games is no stranger to acclaim in the indie development scene, having quickly reached legendary status with the massive hit Bastion. Its latest title Transistor is a turn-based action role-playing game, and it’s been nearly a year since we learned that it will be arriving on the PlayStation 4. However, a release date has been locked in the studio’s vault during that time – until now.

In a post on the developer’s official website, creative director Greg Kasavin announced that the title will be plugging into the PlayStation Store on 20th May in North America and 21st May in Europe. It’ll set you back £14.99/$19.99. “We’ve been putting the finishing touches to it, and think that it’s just about ready,” the developer said, adding that his team will be hosting a booth at PAX East this weekend showing off one of the eight upcoming indie games that should be on your radar.

Is this picturesque, cyberpunk adventure something that you’re setting your sights on? What do you make of Logan Cunningham’s narration, and the title’s unique visuals? Transmit your thoughts to the comments section and let us know.

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