The end, friend

Sony Online Entertainment is an odd component of the platform holder’s first-party portfolio. While the MMO maker is a direct subsidiary of Kaz Hirai’s entertainment and electronics empire, it isn’t a typical portion of SCE’s Worldwide Studios. As such, the division focuses on PC first and foremost, but it’s also recently extended its attention to the PlayStation platforms, too.

While the EverQuest maker has historically published titles on Sony’s home consoles, its internally developed games tended to skip on the manufacturer’s machines. That changed with the release of Free Realms and DC Universe Online – the latter of which went on to become a gigantic success on the PlayStation 3, before being ported to the firm’s next-gen device.

And that’s prompted the developer to pledge more of its projects to the PlayStation 4. We already know that the likes of PlanetSide 2 and EverQuest Next will deploy on the platform holder’s new console, and now boss John Smedley has seemingly confirmed a port of upcoming free-to-play zombie survival title H1Z1. But for the uninitiated, what is the release all about?

Well, it takes more than a few ideas from the likes of Day-Z and RUST, and drops you into a persistent world where you must scavenge for resources, shelter, and more in a totally emergent setting. Running on the firm’s Forgelight engine, the title will allow you to form bonds with other players, where you’ll be able to take control of deserted warehouses or storm settlements together.

The title’s set to launch on Steam Early Access imminently, and is designed around the idea of player empowerment. If you want to build a small farm in which to grow crops, then you can. Interestingly, you may then be able to trade any food with passersby, allowing you to fortify your settlement’s defences, making potential sieges from rival factions less likely.

It’s all about creating a zombie apocalypse experience that appeals to you – and it will be expanding to the PS4 in the future, according to the studio’s gaffer. Of course, SOE still hasn’t attached any firm dates to PlanetSide 2 or EverQuest Next on the console, so don’t hold your breath yet. The game looks great, though – and this is definitely one to look forward to as a result.