Headset over heels

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is way into virtual reality, having shelled out a whopping $2 billion in cash and assets for the Oculus Rift. However, it’s now emerged that the online entrepreneur also tested out Project Morpheus following its announcement at the Game Developers Conference last month – presumably to check out the competition.

Speaking during a session at the Games Marketing Summit 2014 overnight, PlayStation executive Guy Longworth revealed that the social network maker was really eager to get a demo of the just announced device, prompting the platform holder to ponder why. Of course, all was revealed seven days later, when his firm announced its entry into the space.

"I wish he bought ours," Longworth laughed, pointing to the acquisition, which was recently approved by the Federal Trade Commission. “All of the folks at Oculus have got big smiles on today." However, the executive stressed that recent events haven’t soured Sony on the space at all – in fact, it’s more driven to succeed than ever.

“If you think about VR, not just in terms of gaming, I think wearable technology is a huge trend that's going to continue," he said. "I think that being able to have experiences that are truly deep and immersive...that it somehow makes you feel that you are there...is something that people want. If you could really deliver that in the future, that would be huge."

Alas, software may prove more pivotal than the hardware itself, and according to Tony Key, Ubisoft’s vice president of sales and marketing, that’s the real challenge that both Sony and Oculus VR face. “It's going to be content-driven in the end, whether these things are successful or not,” he stressed. Perhaps it's time for the French publisher to get busy, then, huh?

[source gamespot.com]