Sky high

Atrocious voice acting and over-the-top antics could be about to take a turbulent turn to the PlayStation 4, as Square Enix has registered a Just Cause 3 domain name. Online sleuth Superannuation spotted the registration, which presumably hints at an impending E3 announcement. The online destination was purchased earlier this week by the organisation’s corporate registrar.

Of course, it’s no real secret that Swedish outfit Avalanche Studios is working on a follow-up to its outrageously entertaining PlayStation 3 sandbox. Company boss Christofer Sundberg currently lists a “new instalment in a very well known game series” on his public Linked In profile, and adds that the unannounced title has been in production since August 2011 for next generation systems such as the PS4.

The executive’s also been more than eager to talk about the Just Cause series explicitly in the past, describing it as a “perfect” match for Sony’s latest super machine. “In this day and age, when everyone is struggling to make money, my opinion is that the Just Cause property is perfect for everything that next-gen has to offer,” he told before the new consoles were even announced.

The sequel is reportedly in production at the firm’s New York branch, while its Stockholm headquarters polish up Mad Max, which is set to release later this year. Would you grapple onto another adventure starring Rico Rodriguez? How do you think that the developer could possibly topple the asinine insanity of its previous title? Jump out of a helicopter in the comments section below.

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