Rock Band

Much like Aztec Bars and Panda Pops, Harmonix’s once popular Rock Band franchise appealed to a particular period. With plastic peripherals filling out store shelves like other products didn’t exist, the music game bubble was loud like a Rancid record. However, as with any boy band, the craze quickly came to an end, with the excellent Rock Band 3 representing the last major release in the promptly unplugged property.

Alas, speaking during a keynote at PAX East earlier today, studio boss Alex Rigopulos has hinted that the firm may be tuning up its guitars ahead of a next-gen comeback tour. GameSpot reports that the company has “grand plans” to bring the series back on next-gen consoles, though the abovementioned gaffer wouldn’t confirm a specific sequel just yet. Instead, he simply stressed that the outfit intends to return to the formula with “guns blazing”.

Whether or not the executive’s referring to a full entry with plastic instruments or some kind of Rock Band Blitz-esque spin-off remains to be seen, but Activision has also hinted that it would be willing to return to the stage with Guitar Hero at some point in the future, too. We’re not entirely convinced that there’s a market for these types of titles anymore, but we suppose that there’s nothing quite like it yet on the PlayStation 4. Would you be willing to irritate your neighbours all over again? Strum out your sequel suggestions in the comments section below.