"Anyone got a torch?"

The team at Frictional Games has a fearsome reputation. While the studio may be relatively unknown, its most famous title Amnesia: The Dark Decent has made more YouTubers scream than we've had cups of coffee. This time, PlayStation 4 owners will be scared witless, as its latest property SOMA snuggles down in its new home on the next-gen console. We were teased with screenshots of this underwater nightmare in January, but now we can watch its first proper trailer.

While the footage doesn't reveal anything in terms of gameplay, it shows off the title's setting in the sea depths. Don't expect the five star treatment of BioShock's illuminated Rapture, though, as this game wants you to get up close and personal with all of the frightful mysteries at the bottom of its aquatic adventure. Whether they're giant squids, luminescent fish, or just some grotesque crustaceans waiting to make you their next meal, our beloved oceans are about to become your worst enemy. With its release date set for 2015, are you prepared to sleep with the fishes? Leave your maritime adventures in the comments section below.

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