Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

We're sad to say that we've just about lost track of which Naruto Shippuden game is which, but with the ever competent CyberConnect2 at the helm, we're sure that each new release is equally as impressive as the last.

Thankfully, those of you who are keeping up to date with the popular series will be glad to know that the newest instalment, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution, is bringing the fight to European PlayStation 3s in September. Although no specific date has been given, publisher Bandai Namco has saw fit to detail the title's two special editions. A day one edition dubbed the 'Rivals Edition' includes two exclusive costumes which see main characters Naruto and Sasuke swap their attires with each other, while the 'Samurai Edition' comes with a Naruto Samurai figurine, and a collectible metal case. Unfortunately, there aren't any pictures that show off the protagonist's statue just yet, but you can be sure that the presumably colourful trinket will no doubt liven up your dusty old shelf.

Will the energetic youth be decorating your room later this year, or are you saving up your chakra for a PS4 release somewhere down the line? Unleash your ninja skills in the comments section below.

Update: Bandai Namco has shared pictures of the different special editions, as well as pre-order exclusive character skins, which you can peruse at your leisure below.

Naruto Samurai Edition

Naruto Rivals Edition

Naruto Samurai Skins

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