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The PlayStation Vita has seen the release of yet another free-to-play title in the form of No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either. This addictive match three puzzler spawns from the dungeon building PlayStation Portable games No Heroes Allowed. And if you're looking for an inexpensive Trophy haul – or merely something to keep you occupied on the train – then turn your attention to our Trophy guide for this little gem.

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Road Map

This isn't your normal match three game, with the game field constantly changing. When you match up your monsters, they leave behind a more powerful monster in their wake. This is very important, as you will need to combo your block destruction together, creating new chains by taking advantage of the empty spaces left after matching a line. Once you've cleared an area, you are given a short time window to move another block into the vacant space, creating a combo chain. Are two dark blue blocks about to fall down? Shift a dark blue into the next column to speed up your cleanup operation. Here is a list of the block colours, and what they turn into when matched:

Green → Dark Blue
Dark blue → Red
Red → Light blue
Light Blue → Purple
Purple → Destroys all normal and unbreakable blocks

Monsters are useless at dealing damage to the attacking hero if they are a low level. You will need to level them up using items that you find in the Mine. When a monster reaches max level, they can be upgraded or even completely changed depending upon the hero that you give them. Take note that only monsters with a star above their picture can change forms, so ignore levelling monsters without them as they are generally weaker. The silhouette displayed when fusing hints at the heroes needed to create the standard monster line, which you should do at first. If there is a hero who looks different than the rest and is available to be selected, though, try it and you may be pleasantly surprised. Standard path minions will serve you well up until Stage 8, where you will need to start beefing up your army.

The heroes used to create the alternate path lines are normally rare or super rare heroes obtained from completing levels. Their rarity is indicated by silver or gold sparkles surrounding the hero, so you will never miss them. When you are grinding for potency to level your monsters, make sure that you choose stages that you haven’t found all of the heroes in yet to make completing your Heropedia easier. You will want to make sure that you keep unusual heroes for making unique monsters. The normal heroes you will obtain are the barbarian holding an axe, the fighter holding a shield and sword, the mage holding a cane, the priest holding a staff, and the sorcerer wearing a robe and massive circular hat.

The Mine itself is very important, and you may find yourself lagging behind if you don't maintain it properly. Always make sure that you have heroes with the highest dig rating in your mine – even if they can be used to upgrade a monster. Higher level heroes will dig faster and dig up materials that give more experience. While the extra experience is a bonus, what you really want is the faster digging. The further you go into the Mine, the more monsters you will obtain, allowing you create a bigger and badder army that will be needed in Stage 8. Your heroes will also occasionally dig up underhand items on their venture, which you can never have enough of. As tempting as these super items may be to use, you will want to save them until Stage 8-8. It may make your struggle a long and hard one, but you will be thankful in the end.

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Trophy Guide

Combo: First Blood – Bronze
Complete your first combo.

This requires you to match two chains in a row. You should have it obtained by the end of the tutorial.

It's Alive!
Create your first monster.

Badman helps you with your first monster creation during the tutorial.

Villainy Loves Company – Bronze
Complete a stage collaboratively.

This requires you to link with another Vita using the ad-hoc local wireless. The person that you are linking with must have completed the tutorial stages in order to unlock the multiplayer function. Simply create a room and pick the simplest stage for an easy Trophy.

The Cool Army Code - Hidden Trophy - Bronze
Input the secret command.

When you complete the game, you will be told to press LRLRLRLRLR on the title screen, which unlocks more levels. You can input the code before completing the game, but it will do nothing.

Onederbar! – Bronze
Complete Stage 1-8.

Follow the road map to create your almighty army and clear the stages.

Two Much Too Young – Bronze
Complete Stage 2-8

Simply clear the levels.

Easy Threesy – Bronze
Complete Stage 3-8

Simply clear the levels.

All Fours – Bronze
Complete Stage 4-8.

This is the point in the game where you will have to start going to previous levels to grind potency. Play varied levels to help on the way to your Heropedia.

High Five! - Bronze
Complete Stage 5-8.

Simply clear the levels.

Six of the Best – Bronze
Complete Stage 6-8

Simply clear the levels.

Seventh Heaven – Bronze
Complete Stage 7-8.

Simply clear the levels.

Something I Eight – Silver
Complete Stage 8-8.

Normal monsters won't cut the chase in this stage, with special monsters advised. Monsters with special abilities such as poison, paralysis, and sleep will help more than raw power, so make sure that you have a varied team. Try to match near an unbreakable block to help clear the lining walls at the beginning of the stage. The final hero's special move will make half of the field turn into unbreakable blocks, so make sure that you combo well to not waste any precious moves. If it gets too hairy, don't be afraid to use your underhand items to give yourself the upper hand as you have been saving them for this moment. Be warned that you can only use the Flux Capacitor to rewind time once, so if you're not dealing enough damage, try changing your monster lineup.

Complete Completion – Hidden Trophy – Silver
Complete Secret Stage 8-8.

Input 'The Cool Army Code' after completing the game to unlock the secret levels. Complete the final stage with this increased difficulty to get your Trophy.

Know Your Enemy – Silver
Complete the Heropedia

This requires you to obtain every hero in the game. Keep repeating levels until the rare or super rare hero you are missing shows up. Make sure to make use of your Charming underhand item to nab super rare heroes and shave hours off your grind. This will require time and patience.

Numbers of the Beasts – Silver
Complete the Monsterpedia

This Trophy will more than likely take the longest to get. The Monsterpedia will show you how many evolutions a creature has, so you won't find yourself on a wild goose chase. While completing the Heropedia, you will end up discovering where all of the unique heroes that are needed to transform your creatures are. Keep maxed out versions of basic monsters on hand, so when you obtain new heroes, you can see if you can get something new. Make sure to keep visiting your Mine to obtain plenty of monsters – especially ones that can't be obtained through evolution.

Have you got any No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either tips to share? Drop into the comments section below to post your secrets.